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How to maintain your product data on Canoa

How to maintain your product data on Canoa

This article will teach you how to ensure users are designing with accurate information of your products, like stock availability, price increases, and lead times.

Our suppliers and your data are our #1 asset. A consistent step along this product discovery journey is to keep your product data fresh and up-to-date. We understand that lead times are constantly changing, inventory of products come and go daily, and price increases happen almost quarterly.

Here are three quick steps to ensure accurate product data is always showcased properly on Canoa's Catalog:

How to keep your published data fresh and searchable:

  1. Open your Canoa Airtable and update your data manually in the table labeled ‘Published on Canoa’. Update the pricing, lead time, and available stock fields. Add more information to the configuration field and add attachments when necessary. Delete any skus that have been discontinued.  
  2. In order to make changes in bulk, download a CSV file that includes the SKU field and all fields you would like to bulk change. Import this CSV file back into your Canoa Airtable and sync with the ‘Published Products’ table.
  3. When you’re done freshening up, reach out to your Canoa contact to let us know that updates have been made. Canoa will then push the data update to the Canoa Catalog in a matter of minutes after you notify us.

Video Transcript: 

This video will show you how to update your product data by importing a CSV in your Canoa provided air table. This is great for updating larger batches of product data, and if your company provides regular updates through spreadsheets with lead time changes, price changes, or stock availability.

So let's start by opening your Canoa provided Airtable. Also have your spreadsheet ready with necessary product information like SKU and any other fields that you wish to update. You may use the supplier template provided by Canoa for reference. Here we have the SKU, the list price, the lead time, available stock, manufacturer, and the product name. We can use this information for a bulk upload in the Airtable. Once you have the information in the spreadsheet, download your CSV. Go back to your Airtable, click on add or import. We want to click on CSV file. We're going to select the file to upload. We're going to create a new table. The SKU is the first column here. Let's make sure that's the- there. If it's not, then click on 'Use as primary field'. But always make sure the SKU is the very first column. Another thing I like to do is to turn off this Auto Select field types. Then you won't have to- have any colored bubbles when you're importing. And click import. Now you have your imported table with your new available stock quantities, lead times, and list prices.

We also have the SKU. The SKU is very important. That's how you're going to bring it in to your Canoa Publish Products tab. I'm going to click back on the Publish Products tab, click on this little drop-down on SKU, and I'm going to insert right. That's basically inserting a column. Click on Link to Record. Click on your imported table. I'm going to be bringing the information from. I'm going to name it November Update Create Field. Click on any columns or fields that you'd like to update. I'm going to click on list price, lead time, and available stock. Don't worry about the SKU. This will come in shortly. You'll see. So I'm going to add the three fields. Just click on all of the skews here and this is where the skews are going to match from each table. I'm going to copy all the SKUs by Ctrl Z, click on November Update, and Ctrl V. This will bring all of the list prices that correspond with their SKUs. So you know they're in the correct order. And all of you need to do now is Ctrl C, my list price, find my list price in the spreadsheet, override what's there, the lead time, I'm going to do the same. Ctrl C, Ctrl D, and then most importantly the available stock. Ctrl C, And control V. And now I have my new available stock quantities.

When these are all updated, you can delete these imported columns. From the table. you're done, reach out to your Canoa contact to let them know your product data has been updated. And Canoa will push the update to the Canoa catalog in a matter of minutes. Please check out our Help Center or our YouTube page for more videos.

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