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How to import your AutoCad files to create your own elements in Canoa

How to import your AutoCad files to create your own elements in Canoa

This article will teach you how to create your own DWG block or symbol and bring it into Canoa.

This will guide you through the process of creating your own blocks, step by step, starting from scratch. By the end of the video, you will have a clear understanding of how to import your own vector files and customize them to your liking.

You can bring in any existing .dxf file you have in your CAD library to create your own content on Canoa. This video walks you through how to create your own elements using any existing 2D AutoCad file.

Video Transcript: 

Step 1: Accessing Canoa's Catalog

Start by logging into your Canoa account and navigating to the catalog section. Here, you'll be able to create a new product using your own DWG file.

Step 2: Create a New Product

Click on the "Create New Product" button and give your product a name, such as "Demo Product." Choose the manufacturer, in this case, we'll use Herman Miller as an example.

Step 3: Uploading Your DWG File

In the product editing interface, click on "Edit Drawing" to upload your DWG file. Canoa currently supports DXF and 3DM files. Simply drag and drop your file or choose it from your computer.

Step 4: Adjusting Drawing Properties

After uploading, ungroup the elements and make necessary adjustments. Change line styles, thickness, and colors as needed. Ensure that curves are not overlapping to avoid rendering issues in the browser.

Step 5: Adding Product Information

Fill in product details such as material, dimensions, condition, SKU, source, category, and tags. Attach any relevant PDFs, additional specifications, or images to enhance the product information.

Step 6: Save and View Your Product

Click "Done" to save your changes. The product information saves automatically. You can now view your newly created product in the catalog. It will be listed with the name you provided.

Step 7: Use Your Custom Product

Your custom product is now ready to be used in any of your projects. Access it from the catalog and seamlessly integrate it into your floor plans.


Creating custom DWG blocks in Canoa is a straightforward process that allows you to bring your unique designs or manufacturer files into your projects. Use this feature to enhance the visual representation of your floor plans with personalized elements. If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out. Happy designing!

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