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Can I design with Second Life products?

Can I design with Second Life products?

Yes! Here at Canoa, our Product Catalog continues to feature products listed by resellers of second-hand, pre-owned, and open box furniture and accessories.

Canoa strongly believes in the power of our community to give furniture a second (or third, or fourth, etc.) life. Since our launch, we have featured furniture suppliers that specialize in selling second hand goods, and we have even helped companies who aren't in the business of selling furniture find buyers for some of their unused office furniture. We will continue to publish this data and enable designers to connect with suppliers to access this unique inventory of goods. Including second life furniture and products in your plans and design is important for our design community and good for the planet.

To learn how to find and design with second life products on Canoa now, please read this helpful article here.

If you have open box or second hand furniture that you want to list, reach out to our team on our website!