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Design to fulfillment in a single motion.

Design, on your own terms.

1. Sign up

Go to to create your free account. Your account will be generated and you will receive an email to authenticate for the first time.

2. Pick a template you like

Browse through the shop, pick from 100s of design templates of your favorite spaces that combine both new and reused products for you to add and arrange into your particular space. Design templates come in all kinds of categories to support great work, from spaces designed for collaborative work to learning and brainstorming, sharing a cup of coffee or have some quiet time.

Feel free to break the templates, remake them and recombine them and make your own. Just have fun with it!

3. Personlize your space

You're now ready to give some real life context to your design. You can bring in a building background so you can move furniture around, copy it, rotate it and align it to your particular space and geometry. Invite your team and collaborate with them to create the perfect space for you.

The total price and carbon will automatically aggregate as you go, allowing you to see in real time how your design decisions effect your dollar and carbon budgets.

4. Place your order

Your design now ready, placing an order is very easy.

In the project dashboard, add your project's address so the system can calculate sales tax and fulfillment costs. All of the products from your design will be aggregated and added to your order and the final prices confirmed by the suppliers.

At this point you'll have an all-in price for your design to either approve or adjust as needed. Once approved, you will be prompted for ACH or credit card information to make your payment. We use Stripe for secure checkout.

Need to create a PO in your system? Download the order in either .csv or .pdf to input into your procurement system.

5. Track

Your order now placed, automatic notifications will keep you updated of the status of each of the suppliers progress from their plant to our fulfillment center. We receive everything, check it in and prepare it for last mile delivery and installation.

Canoa uses an extensive third partner logistics network for delivery and installation that can accommodate projects across all 48 contiguous states.

6. Enjoy

That's it.

Enjoy your space and, if you want to make any adjustments your layout is always there to help you plan those changes. If you need to sell some products, or buy any new ones you can always log back on to enable your next iteration.

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