Re-imagining a pure choice workplace strategy

Canoa partnered with a tech company in Silicon Valley to design, plan and deploy a pilot program focused on supporting a new hybrid model.   Project goals focused on bespoke curation of vendors, sustainability, speed of deployment, adaptability and scalability.

FF&E was the primary driver to support a hospitality centric workplace strategy that was scalable, adaptive and sustainable.

Vendor Strategy:

Project Metrics:

Location: Santa Clara, California

Size: 40,000 sqft

Products: over 70 vendors uses, 649 individual Sku's, 30% custom products, 20% customer reused furniture, 10% pre-owned furniture

Environments: Community Hub, Flexible Onsite-offsite space, Library, Deep Focus Work, Meeting spaces, Recharge Spaces

Design Partner: Canoa Studio

Client Since: 2022

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