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Developing a scalable and sustainable framework

When Canoa partnered with a flexible on-demand coworking brand it was important to streamline furniture sourcing, procurement, delivery, installation and warehousing workflows while maintaining control of selecting a palette of furniture that’s unique to their brand and flexible to adjust and evolve.  Canoa’s platform helped optimize design and procurement workflows and acted as the single-point-of-accountability from furniture sourcing through installation and inventory management.

The project’s priority were designing a space that was professional, comfortable, and performative in the way that today’s hybrid and remote workers need. The importance of sustainability and circularity played into the modular furniture approach which empowered spatial adaptability ultimately leading to  less waste, more reuse of furniture and higher efficiency of space consumption.

“CANOA understands the needs of the hybrid worker and shares our vision of a better way to work. Having our furniture specs and inventory on the platform has made it easier for us to make day two adjustments.” - Adam

Key furniture strategies utilized for this project:

  • Scalability - We’re building a network of shared workspaces and want to be able to drive consistency throughout.
  • Flexibility - When possible, we wanted to solve our needs with furniture, rather than architecture.
  • Adaptability - We knew that since it was our first location, whatever we built needed to be able to adapt and evolve over time as we continue to learn.

Project Features:

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