Deploy and maintain flexible environments, faster.

At Canoa, we believe that the future of commercial real estate is responsive. Whether it is a workplace, a retail space, hospitality or wellness space, the needs of the tenant or visitor are becoming critically important. A space's ability to 'flex' based on this user feedback is critical in being able to provide the best user experience.

We've developed FLOAT as a framework that delivers architectural, engineering and interior design in the form of a software, automating much of the cumbersome processes common to the industry today.

We're very much in the early days and are always looking for early adopters that can test out the features and give us lots of feedback. If you're up for the challenge, please reach out below and we'll get you going!


Based on a few user inputs like privacy, type of work, style and goals for the space, we are able to design a space that's perfect for you while still leverage our scale to help lower costs and lead times.


We take care of the messy stuff for you. We work with local companies all over the US to deliver and install the product within your timeframe.


We stick with you. Need a new conference room? How about a mother's room? Maybe your team just grew and need a few more seats? We believe that your space should flex with you and your business. We stay behind with you to help you take care of all these details.

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